The clothing brand officially launched in May 2022, but the dream, which became the goal, originated back in childhood. Inspiration was drawn from grandmother's scarves, mother's shoes, and shopping trips with aunt. The passion for fashion solidified after receiving the first sewing machine as a gift from parents. The pivotal starting point for creating the brand was the sincere support of the dearest person to me – my husband. Love forms the foundation of the brand, blending the heritage of the past with a modern creative perspective on fashion.

The brand's goal is to create items that foremost provide a sense of comfort and aesthetic pleasure. Our team is inspired by the idea that style and comfort can harmoniously coexist. Every detail in our products is developed with a focus on maximum comfort and high quality to make every woman feel confident and free.

Moreover, we aim to create images that reflect the individuality of each woman. Our goal is not just to make clothes for you but to leave an unforgettable impression in people's memories about your image, to evoke the desire to see you again and again.